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Owning a petting zoo may sound like a dream job filled with adorable animals and happy visitors, but the reality is a 24/7 commitment that demands dedication and hard work. Join us for a glimpse into the life of Addie, our petting zoo owner as we follow her day, from the crack of dawn to the quiet night, filled with the care and love for their 200 furry and feathered friends.

5:30 AM – Rise and Shine

The day begins long before the sun graces the sky. At 5:30 AM, our petting zoo owner rises to the chorus of roosters crowing and the anticipation of a busy day ahead. The first order of business: feeding the animals. From goats and sheep to ponies and pigs, each resident of the petting zoo has a specific diet tailored to their needs.

6:00 AM – Morning Chores

With breakfast served, it’s time to tackle the morning chores. Pens need cleaning, and animals require grooming. This is not just about maintaining a clean environment for visitors but also ensuring the well-being of the animals. Clean and happy animals make for a joyful experience for everyone.

8:00 AM – Preparing for the Day

As the zoo starts to come alive, Addie turns their attention to getting the facility ready for visitors. Paths are swept, signage is checked, and interactive areas are set up. The petting zoo is more than just a collection of animals; it’s an immersive experience, and attention to detail is key.

10:00 AM – Welcoming Visitors

The gates open, and families begin to trickle in. The petting zoo buzzes with excitement as children and adults alike eagerly approach the enclosures. Addie becomes a guide, sharing fascinating facts about the animals and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

2:00 PM – Midday Check-In

As the day progresses, Addie periodically checks in on the animals, making sure they have enough water and are comfortable. The petting zoo is a dynamic environment, and the owner must be vigilant to ensure the well-being of their charges.

5:00 PM – Closing Time

As the sun starts its descent, the last visitors bid farewell, and Addie turns her attention to closing up shop. Interactive areas are secured, and pens are double-checked. The animals, having spent a day entertaining and delighting guests, are ready for some peace and quiet.

7:00 PM – Evening Routine

The evening routine begins with a second feeding for the animals. It’s a time for Addie to connect with each resident, checking for any signs of illness or distress. Personal connections with the animals are at the heart of the petting zoo experience, and Addie takes pride in knowing each one by name.

9:00 PM – Bedtime for the Zoo

As the day winds down, the petting zoo keeper, our beloved Addie, ensures that each animal is settled and comfortable for the night. Lights are dimmed, and the soothing sounds of the night envelop the zoo. Addie, tired but fulfilled, reflects on another day of sharing the magic of their petting zoo with visitors.

addie's petting zoo in kempner texas

4227 Co Rd 3220
Kempner, TX 76539

(254) 266-7778

Opening March 29th!!!

Thursday to Sunday: 9am - 7pm
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